Canvas or Plugin: Visually linking to single words or sentences in PDFs?

The biggest thing that’s preventing me from using Canvas more is that I work with a lot of text, usually in PDFs. My dream would be to be able to create one of those walls in that meme:

However, I need/would really like to link between particular words or passages in a document. Is this on the roadmap for Canvas or available in another plugin?

On another note: Is transcluding one Canvas into another going to be “better” in the near future? So far you can only see the broad shapes, no details.

If anyone has any ideas on how to achieve the “crime wall” as in the meme, I’m open to suggestions :smiley:


I’m not sure if this is possible. Though, there is a “Narrow To Block” feature for notes, but I don’t think this is possible for things like PDFs.

It might gain more traction in Feature Requests.

Thanks for the idea: Crossposted here: Visually linking to single words or sentences in PDFs and Notes in Canvas or Plugin?

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