Canvas: option to remove card/note/media menu

Use case or problem

When I click “zoom to fit” for certain canvases, the little menu at the bottom center of the screen with options “drag to add card,” “drag to add note from vault,” and “drag to add media from vault” occludes parts of the canvas from view.

Proposed solution

I would like to have an option to remove this menu so that it doesn’t block elements of the canvas, especially since in practice I never use this menu anyway.

On a slightly related note, it would make sense that if the user selects “read only mode” for a canvas, then the card/note/media menu should disappear since these options should not be available in read-only mode. As it stands, when I select read-only mode, adding a card by double clicking on the canvas is disabled, but adding a card by dragging from the bottom menu is still enabled, which doesn’t make sense. Even more bizarrely, the card that is added in read-only mode cannot be edited or deleted until one switches out of read-only mode.