Canvas - option to reload file(s) like images

Use case or problem

I’m embedding images in my canvas which I might be editing in another application. It would be nice to be able to reload an image, or have it auto-detect the change.

Currently new changes aren’t reflected until closing/reopening, or navigating away and back.

Proposed solution

Could have a right-click option to reload the image. Even better would be detecting modified file and auto-reloading.

Current workaround (optional)

Close the canvas and open it again. Or in the same tab navigate away and then back.

You can also edit the canvas json file to trigger a reload of the image:

  • change the id string of the item with the image (e.g. change one character)
  • change the file path of the image (e.g. incorrect path) save it, then change it back, and save it again
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This would be so helpful. I’m glad you created a request. For some reason, I had initially kind of assumed this functionality (auto update) would be forthcoming because of the visual nature of canvas. After seeing this request, I am reminded of how much time I’d save as well as how improved my workflow experience would be. I like to canvas while generating images in other applications, so this feature would really mean a lot.

Thanks so much!

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another workaround I just found was testing if changes to the .canvas json file are auto-reloaded. It noticed that indeed any changes to the file were reloaded.

To get an image file to reload, any of the following worked:

  • change the id string (e.g. change one character)
  • change the file path (e.g. incorrect path) save it, then change it back, and save it again

This seems already pretty useful to be able to use a script to manipulate the canvas in different ways, or even just to refresh an image when it changes.