Canvas: minimize connection length (wiggly connection arcs!)

I use the word “edge” below to refer to the edge of a card or note, NOT in the graph theory sense. I’m calling those connections.

Use case or problem

I’ve connected some cards and notes on a canvas. I haven’t really paid much attention to which rectangle edge I’ve used to start and end the connection. When I move the cards around the canvas, the connections are too curvy because they emerge from the wrong side of the cards.

Proposed solution

Two proposals:

  • right click a connection and select a menu item to minimize its length (pick two new connection points that minimize the distance of the connection)
  • allow connection points in the center of a card or note. Perhaps you have to hold down a key to activate the center connection point to snap to it.
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Proposition 2 would make much sense IMO. Maybe some insights could be taken from Scapple, heir connection is always from center. Connections are made by dragging a note to another note.

This is the same issue mentioned in Canvas- Auto-change connection points when connected items are moved and all its related FRs.