Canvas is very slow


I have been testing the canvas note type and it seems like it is insanely slow with jpg (it does not load .tif images) images with 2000x2000+ sizes. For instance I import like 10 of these and just clicking on one of these images takes like 10-20+ seconds, after that I can move the image. The next selection would have the same speed issue. Basically selecting an image freezes Obsidian for a while.

When I do the initial selection I can see that Obsidian uses one thread full until it does whatever it does to finalize the selection.

I use the canvas implementation in Trilium and that one is very fast and responsive even with a machine with lesser specs. My desktop is like i12, RTX3090 with 48gb, so I doubt it is my machine that is the issue.

I am using 1.4.16 on Win11


I just tested it with Excalidraw and that one has no issues with the same set of images.