Canvas Gridlines - How to Disable

I regret for asking something trivial.

I am unable to find any option where I could enable/Disable Canvas grid lines(dots) , Please help

I think you can’t (at least not yet, you can make feature request). But may I know, what makes you want to disable the gridlines?

It appears to be a matter of choice more than a use case :slight_smile:

Also, when I export, I get grid lines/dots, which I don’t like.

I see. I wonder if there’s a css hack to do workaround (I’m not css magician, but maybe other can help you).

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Great request; I was looking for the same. Use case is the same logic as preview mode for notes. A cleaner version of the canvas primarily for viewing/reference as opposed to editing. And of course hiding on export is an obvious use case as well.

I’m no css magician either but it does appear that the grid dots are custom <circle> html tags. You can hide them with the following css snippet:

circle {
	display: none;

You are incredible!!! :pray: :pray:

That worked perfectly, and I appreciate your assistance. :innocent:

Since <circle> is no custom tag but a general SVG element (which could appear elsewhere), I would be more specific here and target the canvas-background SVG element:

svg.canvas-background {
    display: none;

Thank you! This works too. :innocent: :pray:

Yes, saf-dmitry’s solution is much better.

I just realized <circle> is a standard tag and my solution does impact other elements in Obsidian. I just noticed that the circles around some of Obsidian’s Callout Icons use the <circle> tag and are hidden by my response.

I will edit my response. Can we remove my answer as the solution and mark the mare saf-dmitry as solved?

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Thank you!!! :innocent:

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