Canvas — Drawing and Pencil or Pen support

Well, canvas is also used for sails, bags, tents, clothes, pencil cases, shoes, cushion covers, awnings, and much more.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :slight_smile:


True. :laughing:

This makes sense, and I agree that a native drawing functionality would be a beautiful thing.

But in terms of the name, canvas, I think also of the name, Obsidian, and the expectations that it too provokes. As software, it helps us form our ideas like obsidian, but in a more symbolic way.

Perhaps we can imagine that the arranging and connecting of nodes (whether they be notes, cards, images, videos, websites, canvases, etc.) is the artistry we collectively mark our canvases with.

Thanks for helping me see this in a new light. And perhaps your honest observation will help the cause. It truly would be sweet to be able to instantly generate an embedded sketch (whether in a note or a canvas) directly from within its host’s confines.

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Yesss, I can’t wait for the day I’ll be able to write—sketch a picture—write—draw a diagram—write some more—and doodle, in Obsidian without switching apps.

Well, Excalidraw is great too, but simple raster sketching would be amazing!


This would be an dream like feature :slight_smile:
Imagine Canavas plugin on Ipad Pro with Apple Pencil support where you can anotate on the top of canavas objects, embedded websites and images and you can create links to your custom objects created with the pencil tool


Try Excalidraw, works like charm in obsidian; supports links and transcluson as well, its crazy good

I use excalidraw too, but I feel like canvas will have such features for tablets (and also for computer versions, by drawing shapes and such). It is probably their goal for it.

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I know excalidraw its cool , but can you embed live websites same way as you can in canvas plugin ?

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I hope so, that would be something amazing

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I think you can’t, but it has amazing ocr capacity using taskbone

Loving the canvas view so far, but it doesn’t seem to support touch screens yet. Obviously, this is still in preview, but it is a feature I would be particularly interested in.

Similarly, adding support for pens to annotate the canvas could really take this to the next level for brainstorming (plus introducing pen support could pave the way to a proper hand-writing plugin next, and extend obsidian to also provide a onenote-like experience).

Use case or problem

  • No touch screen support on canvas view
  • No pen support on canvas view

Proposed solution

  • Add both to canvas view

1000% this would be an game changer and lots of fun on IPad with Apple Pencil :pencil2:
I hope this will be implemented at some point
+++ Annotation on the top Yes please :pray:


Here is an app that uses markdown with drawing capabilities. It can be done, and probably quite easily


+1, this would be game changing for me. Honestly the last hurdle that needs to be implemented for me to be able to use this as my dedicated note taking app on my tablet that would allow me to switch away from OneNote


+1, If there was only feature to add to the next release, touch support would be the one I pick.


I definitely support this! This would make obsidian the best note-taking app (imo), especially if PDF annotation could be implemented as well. I take a lot of handwritten notes, but I do so in a different app because it’s a smoother experience compared to excalidraw’s handwriting experience. It would also make the canvas sort of like OneNote’s infinite canvas, but I think better because of the better typing experience.

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See this request as well: Canvas — Drawing and Pencil or Pen support


I don’t know why the CEO would be against a natural-mode of note-taking that existed before typing to take notes. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s a bad decision if they don’t do it because as soon as another markdown-based app with handwriting capabilities comes on the seen, I think obsidian will lose a lot of users especially just based on this thread


What does this even mean “sense-making tool?” So if the canvas had handwriting capabilities somehow you would lose this “sense-making” capability? How? Why? I honestly don’t understand, especially when considering that handwriting is such a natural way of taking notes (at least for some, maybe not all). Statements like this just don’t make any sense to me


so you’re saying it wasn’t a sense-making statement?

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