Canvas: display alias for note title

Use case or problem

Sometimes it is hard to see my filenames in canvas because they are very long.

Proposed solution

It would be nice to be able to display either an existing alias or a custom title in canvas for my notes.


Nice idea. Not sure if this solution might be of interest to you as well: [Canvas] Inline title font size (and h1 size) sometimes too large


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Use case or problem

When dragging a vault note from the navigation panel onto the canvas, the Canvas ‘card’ displays the file name as its title, which can be overly long. Would like the ability to use the note’s Alias.

Proposed solution

Have an option in the Canvas settings to toggle between File Name and Alias

Current workaround (optional)

None, as amending the card’s title, amends the file name.

Related feature requests (optional)