Canvas: Custom set of colors for the cards

Use case or problem

All of us use different themes that come with a certain set of colors that its built on so it becomes quite natural to build on that for the colors we use when making notes and visual maps etc.

Currently we can customize one color at a time and when no of the default colors really match my theme I have to repeatedly change the one custom option while making my Canvas.

Proposed solution

If there was a way for the Canvas color picker to find colors specified in our themes or let us set up our set of colors to use it would make the workflow much easier.

Current workaround

Currently I have placed a note within every Canvas I have made that has all the colors I need in easy to target blocks and pick my custom color from it over and over.


You can have canvas use your theme’s color.

After further hunting (had to go deep diving on Discord) I did indeed find that it can indeed grab the info from the theme…just need the theme to be updated. Still think it could be a good feature to have the option of a custom set.

Thanks for the info.


A custom set would definitely be very useful!


is this thing still alive? i also think having the feature built in would be nice. currently i use a css snippet to change the variable values, but that limits the number of colors in the palette (to how many there are by default) and also changes some of the system colors.

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I agree, I think canvas is one of Obsidian’s most useful tool. Most of my notes start there as cards. It would be nice to have some QOL features.

I don’t want to have to play around with CSS and stuff. It just becomes a form of advanced procrastination.