Canvas - cmd/ctrl-Enter while typing in a card should create a new card

If you want to rapidly add cards to an Obsidian Canvas, you have to take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse each time you create one. This adds significant friction if you’re trying to do some brainstorming or write down suggestions from others live.

This is something figma’s FigJam does well, if you hit cmd/ctrl-Enter, they create a new item of the same type you’re currently editing to the right, and allow you to keep typing there. Would love to be able to do that for Obsidian Canvas.

EDIT: and just wanted to say, if the Obsidian folks see this: cool feature! I’m a regular FigJam user, and I’m looking forward to being able to take some of the things I use that for and do them in a place where I completely own the data.


Totally agree. Having a keyboard shortcut to quickly create a new card underneath or next to the current card would significantly improve the utility of the canvas as a thinking tool. Scapple and Kinopio (although have different approaches to this) have this implemented incredibly well.