Canvas: Click to locate the card

In a canvas, if I click a link and the target page is in the same canvas already, I’d like to locate it in the canvas rather than open it in a new tab.


Good idea! Although I have to imagine some instances where I wouldn’t want this. Perhaps it could be a setting or maybe require a specific modifier and/or type of clicking.

But overall I really think having a way to easily navigate around complex canvases is definitely a beneficial thought for all. Thanks!


Took me two pages of looking through the feature request to find this.
(Didn’t want to post a Duplicate)

Anyway to add to this idea:

Link to Card (Backlinks?) Framing the Topic

Whatever you want to call it, the idea is that as Canvas enables you to have more than one screen of content, you may want to refer to the same “Card” (or note / image) again.

  • You could drag an arrow across the entire thing but that would be visually crazy

A better option would be;

  • Have a hidden back-linking for cards, so you can ctr+click or click+hold and it reframes the view and centres on the original card
  • maybe some [[CanvasName^CardOne]]on all cards you want to link back to the original

This would be immensely useful in the way canvas is able to display and navigate around. You have a Primary Topic then anytime you want to go back the that point, you make a Secondary that links back - nice


The (Navigate a connection - right-clicking a line to go to source) is almost useful, but most liking lines are pretty short - but if it was go to Originator, maybe that would be partway to the functionality that linking cards could achieve.

So thanks seabirdr for the og post. I hope my explanation is in keeping with your idea