Canvas card with Dynamic Link to Daily Note with Today’s Date

I am trying to create a Canvas Card, with a link to the current days Daily Note. Can someone provide a solution?

I found these DataView solutions which work fine in a Note, but in a card, I only see the code.

=link(dateformat(date(today), "yyyy-MM-dd"))

="[[" + dateformat(date(today), "yyyy-MM-dd") + "]]"

Its curious that when entering the code, and I add and hit Enter after the code (make a new line) I see the link rendered and can even use it, but the moment I leave the card, it goes back to showing only the code…

I have read that the Button plugin might work, but I resist adding another plugin for one small problem, but if its the only solution, I will add any healthy plugin.

Update: I see the behavior you describe in v1.1.16. It should be fine in the upcoming update (my steps below were done in v1.2.2).

Both of the queries above work for me in text cards in my main vault, and was curious if it was another plugin or something about my vault. :thinking:

I created a new vault, installed only Dataview, created a daily note, and pasted the queries into a text card. They render when not on the same line and stay rendered when clicking outside the card.

Thanks so much for the insight. I will contentedly wait for the next release…:wink:

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