Canvas card dragging and size adjustment not working

hello, the canvas cards are not working for me, they worked when I first got the app a couple of months back but I had to uninstall the app for a couple of months, after installing it again the cards in Canvas can’t be moved around like it was and I can’t adjust the sizes either, it is possible to drag the cards out of the icons at the bottom but once you put them down that’s it, anything I did in the settings to fix it couldn’t help and the problem still appears in the sandbox vault, restarting the computer and forming it don’t work either, I have tried to install multiple .deb versions both the latest version from the website and older versions from GitHub but nothing seems to fix the problem (I have tried more than 10 different versions ) right now I’m on the latest update v1.4.16 and I’m on a non-touchpad intel Chromebook, (I should mention the phone version installed through the play store works well but after all its a phone app on a computer so ts not a polished )if anyone has a possible solution or a fix I would really appreciate it and I hope its fixed on the next update, thanks for your time

I also have Canvas-related issues running 1.5.0 in Linux (Chromebook). My only option for moving cards is using the arrow buttons on the keyboard. For resizing a card, the only option the diagonal resizing handle, bottom right.