Canvas block move/copy and link color issues

I built built Merry Christmas using cards an links in canvas (See canvas file in attached zip). I’m running 1.1.3 on Windows 11

  1. It’s very hard to set the color on small and vertical links. Even zooming in didn’t seem to help. It appears the algorithm is that you have to have link selected (two dots on the link) and cursor has to be a pointer. This is not easy to do in some cases. Double clicking on the link would be nice though I notice that Obsidian doesn’t do double clicks except in a plugin.
  2. Selecting a large group of cards and then trying to move them doesn’t seem to work. I wanted to select the word “Merry” (done in cards and links) to center it over Christmas it didn’t seem to work.
  3. Similarly, selecting a bunch of cards and trying to do an Alt-drag (to duplicate) didn’t seem to work.
  4. I then tried doing a copy and paste of a select group of cards. This works except it always seems to end up on the center of the screen regardless of where the cursor is. Right-click and pasting has the same result (no matter where the cursor is when you right click and paste always puts the block in the middle of the screen. Since you can’t move a block, duplicating blocks doesn’t help since you can’t move them into place.

Generally, I would say that this update is pretty impressive. It’s clear the amount of great work the developers put into this. I realize that this is sort of an alpha/beta release and bugs are to be expected. But, still, it works amazingly well and has a lot of great functionality.
Merry (2.7 KB)

This feedback is better shared on discord in the insider channel.

I’m happy to move it. I’m just learning discord. I can log into obsidian on discord. how do I get to the insider channel?