Canvas auto create edges

Use case or problem

I follow PARA. For my life, I’m creating areas and projects, each have a separate note in Obsidian. I then create a MOC of these, which basically serves as my vision board / yearly plan. Now with Canvas, I would naturally like to 2D-plot these areas and projects, which works great. I can more easily see disconnected projects now.

But I always fear having missed a) a note which I might have added later on and then b) forget linking the added notes (projects to areas) in the canvas, as I have in my vault with links. All in all, it feels quite redundant having to re-link all these nodes on the Canvas.

Proposed solution

Let’s automatically add node edges to the Canvas when I add notes that have links to other notes which I have already added to the Canvas. Also, when linking two nodes on the canvas, I would love to automatically append a link to the markdown - but I realize that’s not necessarily universally beneficial. Just auto-adding links on the Canvas would be super helpful to my use case and I don’t see any downsides if we make that configurable or provide an “undo” button after auto-creating the edges.

Current workaround (optional)

I do it manually and sometimes forget links, which sucks.


this feature is important for the canvas plugin, i wonder why it haven’t been included in the plugin yet

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