Can't *Wait* for 0.16 General Release! Anyone Know When?

Greetings, everyone! First of all, please excuse the fact that this post isn’t really a “help request”, but rather a question. In m defense, after looking through the available forum categories, I fear I was unable to find one more suitable (it would be great if there were a “General” or “Miscellaneous” category for this :wink:).

But to the matter of this post: I am simply wondering if there is any indication as to when v0.16 will be released, even approximate. I haven’t checked the precise time period, but I believe it’s been at least a month or so since the last release. Now, before anyone calls me “impatient” or “spoiled” (I indeed felt so while deciding whether to post this or not,) let me say I am certainly not intending to be; rather, I am merely curious.

As a software engineer (by trade) myself (and a writer by “passion”, of course,) I can absolutely sympathize with the developers, being able to understand full well the varying reasons for a release/update taking longer than the user-base wishes, and in no way am complaining or even attempting to hurry 0.16’s release.

That said, although this period of time isn’t an inordinate amount of time (in fact it’s fairly brief, as software updates go—something I admire Obsidian’s developers for,) I am nonetheless hoping it won’t be too much longer before 0.16 is released. This is mainly due to the several relatively sweeping and/or consequential changes that seem to be taking place “behind the scenes” within core Obsidian, some of which appear to render certain popular community plugins (that I use extensively) outdated.

If the date is still too tenuous to disclose, or if even an approximate date of release is completely unavailable, I understand, though I will obviously be disappointed, and I’m sure I’m not the only anxious Obsidian zealot who is hoping it’s soon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you kindly for your consideration and taking the time to read this. I wish you all a safe and happy day and look forward to my next Forum “interaction”.

P.S. I apologize for the length of this post. It seems my deplorable habit of writing even a simple forum post as if it were a treatise or dissertation is healthier than ever. :roll_eyes: I’ll work on that, but haven’t the time to edit this one down to a reasonable length, presently. :bowing_man:

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The developers don’t announce release dates — it’ll be ready when it’s ready. But I hear you — I’m very eager for the next release.

The last Insider release (0.16.3) came out 9 days ago, so progress continues.

(Meta might have been the most appropriate category for this post, but I don’t think Help is unreasonable.)

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“I apologize for such a long letter - I didn’t have time to write a short one.” :smile:

Help was the right place. Meta very rarely is.


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