Can't view full text in dataview (being cut off)

Things I have tried

Hey guys, I’m currently using dataview to show a list of all my thoughts that are inputted into my daily notes. However, I began to realize the text has been cut off from the column. I remember clearly that the text would previously have jumped to the second line – not sure what changed since then (I deactivated all the community plugins I activated since then that could have caused the change), but it’s still there

Code for this is:

table thought, length, rating
from "Daily Notes"
sort file.ctime asc

What I’m trying to do

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I don’t think the issue is related with any plugin but with css.
What’s your theme? What’s the specific settings of your theme? (check the behavior in default theme).
For example, if you use Minimal theme, check Settings > Minimal Theme Settings and in “Tables” section disable “Trim Dataview columns”.
Or, have you any css snippet?


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