Can't use hotkeys in new pdf view

Steps to reproduce

Open a pdf in the new pdf view(Obsidian v0.10.8) and click on pdf. Try to use Ctrl + o or Ctrl + p. Same problem in embed if you click on pdf.

Expected result

Opens quickswitcher or command prompt

Actual result

Nothing happens


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: v0.10.8

Additional information

There is a similar problem in vscode with pdfs. I dont know if it is the same source for the problem.

we won’t be able to fix this.

I already thought that, but at least I tried.


A workaround I found is to click on the pane of the PDF, not the contents.

Well, technically you can click anywhere that is outside the PDF and it would get the hotkeys to work again, but clicking on the pane itself has allowed me to do things that are specific to that pane; an example would be to maximize using the Maximize Active Pane plugin, where you would need to have the PDF active in order to do so.

I do have a related concern however, Imma ask here in case if it’s impossible to fix/add for the devs also.

In Mac (and Windows depending on the touchpad), we can use the trackpad to zoom in and out on a page and PDF like we would with an iPad or phone, yet this functionality is absent in Obsidian’s PDF viewer; though we have the zoom in and out buttons, it’s just not the same IMO. Is this likely to be included in a future update or is this also unfixable?

I can totally agree with you.

Does the trackpad work in the pdf viewer of chrome?

Yes it does.

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Ok it’s working in chrome. Likely it’s not working in Obsidian for the same reasons. We’ll look into it.

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Yes it works