Can't update Obsidian at work

Hi Everyone

I’m using Obsidian at work (only for personal note taking, of course) and I’ve recently noticed, that I can’t seem to update the software. I can download the software and install it, but updating it is not possible. It’s not that bad and I’ll be able to work, just seems a bit off.

Problem in Action:

It seems no outgoing request is made? I apologize if this is not the case, I don’t know much about the network analyzer.

Since I’ll leave in a couple of months, contacting the IT support will not be really possible (if someone requests a software, they’ll automatically be the software master of that software).

Are there any proxy options that I could configure?

You company is probably blocking the requests with some corporate firewall

Seems like it :confused:

Hi there,

I appear to be having this issue also. Obviously it would be good if we could find a workaround so that automatic updates could work for Insider builds but in the meantime, I was wondering if there was a way I could install the Insider builds with a manual download?