Can't Set Override Editor Font

Updated Obsidian to 1.0.3, and updated Minimal Theme to 6.1.0, and now my custom Editor Font – which I set in Minimal Theme Settings – is not taking effect. I can set a Text Font in the main settings under Appearance, but in Editor View some default font (looks like Helvetica or Arial; in any case it’s different from my specified custom Text Font) won’t go away. What am I missing?

Moreover, I can’t seem to change the font size – not in Minimal Theme Settings nor in main Appearance settings – without zooming the entire interface.

What installer version is being used?

I had been on 0.13.23, and fonts were working fine. I upgraded to 1.0.3 and the problems started. I tried to downgrade by simply (in macOS 10.14.6) overwriting the 1.0.3 file with the 0.13.23 file. “About Obsidian” now shows installer 0.13.23, but the problems remain.

Try setting this in the Sandbox vault? If it works, then you have a plugin or theme issue in the vault in question, and probably need to update something.

Doh! The problem was that, on my Mac, I had the file in a subfolder of /Applications. Moved it to /Applications, problem gone.

I hang my head in user-shame. Feel free to laugh and point.

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On the contrary, good find!

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