Can't remember plugin name - Plugin to make Slide | Presentation | Animation

What is the name of this plugin? The description is that this plugin can be used as a presentation tool where the slide order starts with the first line created, then the second with the second line, and so on. The lines can be arranged as desired by the user. The plugin is like a canvas that can be used as a presentation slide. I really can’t remember the name of this plugin, but I clearly remember seeing the video in the plugin description.

What I’m trying to do

Remembering the plugin name

Things I have tried

I have tried to search for that plugin everywhere but I couldn’t find it.

Obsidian > Settings > Core plugins > Slides?

Advanced slides?

No, Advance Slide doesn’t have the feature that I mean. The plugin I mean can create a line where the beginning of the line represents the first slide and the second line represents the second slide and so on. The line serves as the transition.

Are you looking for Excalidraw?

I have checked Excalidraw several times, but that’s not the plugin I mean. Excalidraw cannot create slides, and there are no features for transition using directional lines (arrow lines).

It turns out that the plugin I was looking for is Excalidraw with a script called Slideshow. Thank you guys for your input. The plugin and script are very impressive.

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