Can't paste anything from outside into Obsidian

Hi there,

For some reason I can’t paste anything in from outside Obsidian anymore. Emoji, URL, pure text… nothing. I can copy paste within a note or across them though.

When I Ctrl+V the cursor hangs for about 5s, then starts blinking again, not pasting anything.

I tried deactivating or even removing the few plugins I last installed, relaunching… even restarting my machine, nothing does. Using portable AppImage v0.13.31 on Ubuntu 21.10.

Not sure if I can provide anything else to help investigate that?


download and reinstall the latest obsidian. Post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault?

Right, did just that, with v0.14.2 - same behavior - see in the attached video.

I can’t see it.

Sorry, fixed

I can’t reproduce the video nor with chrome neither with VLC

Looks like it was corrupted or something… struggling to find the right tools on ubuntu, not used to it yet (my windows machine is being repaired).
Try this one?

what browser is that ? does it happen only when you copy from that browser or from all other apps?

Do you get errors in console ctrl-shift-i?

It’s Firefox - but the issue was from a browser addon I just installed called YiNote - got it from following Bryan Jenks’ workflow video (My 2020 Comprehensive Obsidian Workflow For Zettelkasten and Evergreen Notes - YouTube) as he uses it to take MD notes during youtube videos… there might be more people ending up in my case.

YiNote seems wonky and actually google docs refused to integrate with it because it isn’t safe or something. So good thing to get rid off anyhow, was nice for the timestamps.

Thanks for the quick response, will mark this post as solution since details are in here.

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