Can't LogIn

Things I have tried

I just made an account & then bought “Obsidian Sync”
But when I try to login it doesn’t recognise my account.
I’ve tried emailing
[email protected]
But that email address doesn’t exist

What I’m trying to do

the email exists and you are most likely putting the wrong combo of username/password.

My Mac remembered my password automatically after joined & bought sync.
I tried about 10 times with the Mac remembered password & then did a further 5 times trying to enter my details again.
When choosing “forgot my password” it says email account doesn’t exist. But the money was taken for sync subscription
Email [email protected] displays in red & won’t send

Maybe I just have to wait for it to process ?

Payment went to
Dynalist Inc at $13.45
when the original tab said $8 per month then after logging in it said $10 per month
Now its appeared on my PayPal As $13.45
How do I cancel my subscription ?

You likely recorded the wrong password or used the wrong email address.
The username/password combo are different for the forum and the main website.

Publish is $10 a month (or $8 if you pay yearly). I don’t know if you got hit by foreign transaction fee or something else by your bank.

I don’t know what this means. You can always send an email.

For some reason my hotmail email account (which I registered with obsidian) won’t send an email to [email protected] & displays in red when entered
Just tried with a different account & email seems to have sent

Working now ! Must just need half a day before account is processed

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