Can't get attachments to save to vault folder (or sub) when dragged from macOS Finder

Hi, I’m new to Obsidian and am trying to set up a working app agnostic system for my .md notes (Bear-Ulysses-Obsidian).

Currently I’m trying to get Obsidian to save my attachments to a folder in the Vault. I’ve created a folder ‘attachments’ in the vault and selected it (right-click) as my attachment folder in the Obsidian file browser.

When I drag an image (or any other file) onto a note. It links the file but to the file location on my hard drive like ![Eggplant relish](file:///Users/jpeeters/Desktop/Eggplant%20relish.jpg) . It doesn’t move it to the attachment folder.

I’m I misunderstanding how this should work?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jan

it’s know bug. in future we will use cmd-drag or alt-drag for copying

Great thanks!