Can't find folder on Linux

My markdown folders are in google drive, I use Linux Mint 19 and have the native sync on but when I try to open the folder with obsidian, they load all with weird coded names. Anyone also facing this problem?

This is in the app image version, already tried the snap version too but with it I can’t even find the network folders that sync with google.

Try as I might, I was never successful in getting GDrive to play nice with any -nix system and Obsidian. I eventually abandoned the idea and went with Git.
Maybe someone else has had success, but it eluded me. I always ended up with garbled filenames.

For the record, Git looks daunting but in the end, it’s like 4 commands to memorize. YMMV.
Good luck!

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I guess that wimm be the way to do it. Thanks for the answer, I didn’t thought agout that!

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