Can't disable an automatic .md file from being automatically created

What I’m trying to do

For some reason the Folder “Obsidian” which contains the folder “Day Planners” is being created daily with the file Day inside of it.

Not sure why it keeps happening but I want to disable it.

Things I have tried:

  • I tried deleting the folder manually.
  • Deleting it through Obsidian.
  • Disabling all of my core plugins & my community plugins.

Did anyone ever encountered this?


I know you listed disabling community plugins as one of the things you tried, but it seems like GitHub - lynchjames/obsidian-day-planner: An Obsidian plugin for day planning and managing pomodoro timers from a task list in a Markdown note. is creating that folder. I’d remove that plugin for a few days and see if anything changes.

Some plugins don’t unload with only turning them off; you need to restart Obsidian to be sure they are actually off.

Thanks for the reply!
It seems that I disabled the plugin but my syncing solution kept syncing an older version of the file from my phone so it kept recreating it.

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