Can't change Zettelkasten format

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I’m new to Obsidian. After installing the Zettelkasten Prefixer it would be great to change the format of the note to something I can understand (I’m not a :robot:).
After changing it to LLLL, it wasn’t working any more, I thanked it was this specific thing, but it didn’t work with other formats too. Am I really to damn or does Obsidian don’t work with other formats?

I just tested out LLLL.

This would result in a format like this:

Friday, June 11, 2021 11:29am

The reason this doesn’t work is because you are not allowed to use : colon characters in a filename in Obsidian. If you’d like a similar format, I suggest this format:

dddd, MMMM D, YYYY HHmm

This is the same format, except it rebuilds it without the colon in the time.

I personally use this format, which I find pretty readable. I don’t care so much about the human-readable names in the date:


which results in:


In my Daily Notes, I do care about the week day, but not the time. So I use this:


Which appends “Friday” on the end. 2021-06-11_Friday

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