Cannot use UID as alias

I would like to use a numeric UID as alias for my notes, so that when I link to my notes only the UID appears in preview mode. However, it appears that purely numerical aliases are not recognized. Is this a known behavior?

Sorry, I’m not seeing this behaviour. Can you share an example of what you’re trying to do?

For example, if I add a test alias with a YAML block as follows:

and then I switch to preview mode, I see this:

and if I search my vault for “test_alias” I can find it. If I instead try with

I don’t see anything in preview mode:

and if I search the alias “202107012230” I can’t find it.

use quotation marks ["123"]

Thank you, that does it! Out of curiosity, why do we need to use quotation marks for numerical strings and not for strings that also contain characters?

The notation without quotation marks makes certain inputs easier but is not-standard and it creates oddities like the one that you just discovered.

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