Cannot unlink local graph pane

Using v0.10.1 on MacOS 10.14.6:

-With an open note, choose “Open local graph view” with mouse or keyboard shortcut. Local graph opens in a separate pane.
-Within either of the two panes, choose “unlink pane” with mouse or shortcut.
-Within either pane, navigate to another note (with mouse, quick switcher, whatever)

Only the pane in which the next note was opened changes.

The next note is opened in one pane, the other pane follows it and shows the local graph of that note.

this is the current normal behaviour.
Unlinked graph/backlinks follow the current focused note.

So is there no difference in behavior between a linked and unlinked graph pane?

the difference is that linked graph pane is linked to a specific pane. An unlinked pane follows whatever pane is currently focused.

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