Cannot type a hash symbol

Things I have tried

I use option-3 in all other editors to create a hash symbol (#). As you can see, it works fine in this web editor. However, pressing opt-3 in the Obsidian editor on my Mac gives no result.
I checked that vim key bindings are off.
Shift-option-3 does work in the editor; produces a ‹ symbol.
Not sure if it’s relevant, but opt-2 doesn’t give a € symbol in the Obsidian editor either.
Option-f does produce the class Mac ƒ symbol.

I’m rather stumped. I’m pretty sure that it was working recently; I’m wondering whether it might be connected to a plugin. Has anyone else seen this symptom? Can anyone suggest how I might fix it?

What I’m trying to do

Hmm. Update on this. It’s only on my MacBook Pro. Typing on my iMac using a conventional keyboard I can put in hash symbols with no problem. Looks like it’s a keyboard issue at my end, so leave it with me. Sorry to have troubled you.

It could be a plugin which set the hotkey.

That was it! The Pane Relief plugin had captured opt-3 as a navigation hotkey. Thank you so much for that.

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