Cannot support online network image content insertion:

Cannot support online network image content insertion:

At present, the following image and video insertion method cannot support online network image content, but only local offline content, I hope that this method can be used to support the display of online network image content and local offline image content.
For example, the following two methods are supported:

! [](xxxx folder/xxxx.mp4)
! [](https://xxxxxxxxx.mp4)

Because this insertion method is very convenient and easy to use.

You can embed online images that way, but the exclamation mark needs to be next to the left bracket. You have a space between them.

This works: ![](

This doesn’t: ! [](

That Markdown syntax only embeds images, not videos (except now Obsidian allows you to use it for tweets and YouTube videos).

After my experiment, I found that I can insert and play local videos, but I can’t play online videos after inserting. You can try it, generally we are used to this easy-to-use way to insert web image resources. I hope it can support both offline image and online image playback.

Offline document:
![](xxxx folder/xxxx.mp4)  // Support video playback
Online documents:
![](https://xxxxxxxxx.mp4)  // Does not support video playback

Please try to search before posting.