Cannot scroll in iOS app

Steps to reproduce

Open a note in mobile app (ios 14.8.1, app version 1.4.0, iphone 11). Can be new, or existing, as long as it has a longer vertical length than the screen. Enter the Reading View.

Expected result

I expect to be able to vertically scroll through my note to view all of its contents.

I expect my note to be horizontally wrapped or to be able to horizontally scroll to view all of its contents.

Actual result

The note cannot be scrolled vertically. This issue only affects the reading view.

Existing notes are not properly horizontally wrapped, and longer lines of text are cut off. This issue exists in both the reading and editing view.

Existing notes cannot be horizontally scrolled. This issue also exists in the editing view. This issue exists in both the reading and editing view.


  • Operating system:
    ios 14.8.1, app version 1.4.0, iphone 11
  • Debug info:

Operating system: ios 14.8.1 (Apple iPhone)
Obsidian version: 1.4.0 (80)
API version: v1.0.0
Login status: logged in
Catalyst license: none
Live preview: off
Legacy editor: off
Base theme: dark
Community theme: none
Snippets enabled: 0
Restricted mode: on


Additional information

Read/Edit view of an existing note:

Read/Edit view of a new note (created after updating to 1.4.0):

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attach a copy of a note that is causing this.

This issue affects all of my notes. Here is a copy of the note from the “existing note” screenshot. (2.7 KB)

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I have no issues with vertical scrolling, but can confirm that the vast majority of my notes render wider than the screen, cutting off some text.

I can reliably reproduce this by creating a new note and giving it a long title, which I reported as "iOS app: Long note titles make editor wider than screen, rendering app practically unusable ", but when I saw this issue & checked, I can confirm it happens even in many notes with shorter titles like OP’s. However, other than the title, I haven’t found a repeatable way to start from a blank note and trigger the issue with the body text.

I’m not seeing this problem. (iOS/iPadOS 15.7)

I have this issue as well on my iPhone X.

I have this exact same issue! I’ve found a bandaid for now. I installed minimal theme and enabled the css.
The text appears like it’s supposed to and the dotted menu is back in view and functional while in editing mode. However, if I go into reading view it messes it up again.
Someone that knows what they’re doing with css could probably fix this.

Updating to latest iOS has resolved this issue for me.

should be fixed v1.4.1

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