Cannot save edits or create new files in mobile app on external USB stick

Steps to reproduce

I’m currently trying out Obsidian and created a vault on my PC with a test markdown file. The vault is saved on my stick which conveniently has a USB and a USB-mini side. Opening the vault on my Android Tablet in the Obsidian app worked fine, but I am unable to create new files. When I edit the existing one, it works but an error pops up: Failed to save file: FILE_NOTCREATED.

Expected result

Naturally, I would expect my edit to be saved, and to be able to create new files/folders.

Actual result

Cannot create new files or folders. When I edit the existing file (created on PC), it works but an error pops up: FILE_NOTCREATED.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 on PC, Android 8 on my tablet
  • Obsidian version: mobile 1.0.2 and desktop 0.12.10

Additional information