Cannot run older version Obsidian AppImage

When running Obsidian-0.14.2 it only opens a link to Obsidian download page.
Did Obsidian break older releases ?
Can older images of Obsidian still run ?

I cannot run any App image older than 0.15.0 version

I don’t know, but Obsidian’s current version is 1.3.4 (see Announcements - Obsidian Forum for the history). I’d recommend running that or at least something since 1.0.

The question is also will any version of Obsidian AppImage run forever or it will stop working after some time.
Which means that if Obsidian stops being maintained everyone will loose it after a year or so. I would be very disappointed if that is the case.

You have great software here, very helpful, no need to self-destruct :slight_smile:

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