Cannot Rename/Delete objects in MacOS Version 0.15.6

Things I have tried

  • restart Obsidian
  • restart Obsidian without Community Plugins
  • deleting / renaming objects in the OS itself

What I’m trying to do

I have a vault saved in Dropbox that I use with Android, windows and MacOS.

in MacOS, I cannot rename or delete files or directories. Restarting the application has no effect. Similarly, disabling community plugins seems to have no effect.

I can rename/delete using Android/Windows, so believe it’s not an obvious problem with the vault itself.

I can rename/delete files in the vault using the OS itself (e.g., using Finder, or mv).

Couldn’t see anything obvious in help, or the forum search, can anyone suggest what to try next?

I have had this issue with Linux as well. However, it seemed it only be an issue when Obsidian Sync was running. Although, I did also reboot the PC. Otherwise, I do not know what could have been the cause.

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