Cannot Publish today?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

When trying to publish, after approximately a one-minute wait, I get the following warning, although I am verifiably connected to the internet. Is there a known issue, or a setting I know nothing about?

Seems like we just had an mini-outage from our CDN provider CloudFlare from some regions of the world (at least we experienced it from Toronto/GTA). It’s now working for me though.

Unbelievably quick reply. I’ll keep trying @Licat, and thank you. (And I’m Canadian, I’m sorry, lol)
I’ll sneak in an edit that the Dynalist capture is also down.

Yup Dynalist is dead for me too - the actual server is still up and running but the site (that goes through CloudFlare) isn’t connectable.

I’m seeing just come live but not coming on yet. It looks to be a DNS issue so that might take half an hour to update.

Dynalist Clipper now working 1 hour north of Toronto.
Edit: Publish now working too. Thanks @Licat.

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