Cannot open Obsidian in mac


Things I have tried

I’m using macos. Before obsidian worked on my laptop, but recently I cannot open it. I deleted it then re-download again I still cannot open it.
Each time I open, there’s only a blank window!!!
Have someone also met this problem? I really don’t know how to fix it. Please help me. Thx!

What I’m trying to do

Were you using a custom theme? Or any custom CSS snippets?

Maybe this is related to your theme. Some themes had to be updated recently.

Since you can’t access “update” through the app, you might have to find your theme on Github, download the files and put them in your .obsidian folder.

Backup first!

Or you could go into your .obsidian folder (hidden folder in your vault) and delete all theme files. Then hopefully the Default theme will load.

But I am not sure if this is a theme problem or not! That’s a total guess.

Lastly if things get really desperate, you can delete all the Vault preferences in your .obsidian folder.

I highly suggest backing up first! Then delete them and see if things come back. Then you can try putting old settings back one a time.

If none of that helps, then it might be some corrupted preferences in the app folders.


It’s usually pretty safe to delete those files. They will get regenerated next time you open the app. But please again… backup first!

Many thanks for your reply!
But I’m not using any theme, and I don’t have “~/Library/Preferences/obsidian/” this folder in the Preference currently.I have tried to re-install the obsidian still not working:(

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