Cannot open latest vault version after update Linux Mint

Open my vault after updating in Linux Mint

Notified of an update (first time updating since I installed & began using this month). Once I reopened, one vault was up to date and the other is not.

Things I have tried

I can see the vault with the timestamp of latest update in my file system, but opening it in Obisidan, it is not up to date (like over a week old).
Looking at file recovery, it shows it is active, but no files are listed on the left pane.

I even have the vaults backed up on Megasync, yet opening that file with timestamp of this morning still shows older vault.

I don’t understand why one vault opens with current items yet the other does not.

Please help me open the correct vault with all my changes through this morning.

Sheila Flanagan

UPDATE: I finally searched all *.md files and found today’s daily note in a vault. It was actually buried one level down. Not sure why, but the Notebook folder had same name notebook folder inside of it.

I still would like to resolve why there are no files listed in file recovery so I can ensure this does not happen again.

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