Cannot move ribbon sidebar, it always drag&drop icons on tablet

After last update (1.4.2 [94]) on my tablet (Samsung S8+) the column of icons in the sidebar can NOT be moved anymore. Now every time I try to do so, it drags the icon where I pull my finger.

I think that for drag&drop icons it should need some static pressing for a while (500ms?) to start the process. Otherwise, it should be understood just as a moving the whole sidebar (when we have too many icons in it)

we are not sure we understand you. What are you trying to do exactly?
Please follow the BR template in the fugure.

I usually have too many icons in the sidebar (Android tablet), so they all do not fit in the screen, so I used to move the whole “icons column” (that is, the sidebar)

Now, after the update that contains the feature that allows to change the relative position of sidebar icons, I cannot any longer displace such sidebar, as it always will drag&drop the icons.

That is why I suggest to require some click&hold on the icons before starting the drag&drop process for them. Otherwise, I cannot displace the sidebar.

will be fixed 1.4.3

many thanks!

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