Cannot log into account with Obsidian asar release

I’m using Obsidian 0.10.13 via the NixOS package on Linux which uses the upstream .asar release, but I noticed I cannot log into my account. The login form never appears, and the loading indicator stays.

I can reproduce this if I manually download the current 0.11.0 asar release. The AppImage release works as expected and I can log into my account.

I noticed in the developer console that there is a failed request to instead of the official API endpoint, so maybe it’s switched to development mode?

Steps to reproduce

  • Be on Linux (NixOS)
  • Download official v0.11.0 .asar release from GitHub
  • electron obsidian-0.11.0.asar
  • Try to log into account, page does not load
  • Observe failed request to in DevTools

Expected result

  • I can log into my account

Actual result

  • Loading indicator is displayed, form never appears


  • Operating system: Linux, NixOS unstable
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.13

We were not even aware that we had a nixos release.
We don’t support it.

As I’ve stated in my reproducement steps, this also happens with the official .asar package located at

Or is the .asar release also unsupported by you?

the .asar is not a full release per se and is not meant to be used “manually”.