Cannot kill zombie property

Without really understanding how Properties work (my bad), I created and modified a date property. I wanted the date to show as “Dec 11, 2023”. It now shows as “Date modified:”: [incorrect two digit number] mm, yyyy

Incorrect in so many ways! So, delete it, get better informed, create a correct property.

The zombie property has no brain, so I’ve had to try other means to kill it.

  • It was attached to 14 notes and I managed to remove 13 of them with “clear file properties”… but the last one lived on, like the Undead. And it bit my notes, propagating itself (with different numbers) in all notes when Properties are added.

  • Click on property icon then Remove — works for 10 seconds or so, then the zombie comes back

  • Right click and Cut — same thing… the property goes and comes back

  • Manually remove front matter on the note in Source mode — nope!

  • Thought about rolling back from 1.4 to get rid of Properties, then re-upgrading. But didn’t do that yet.

Any Zombie Killers out there who can advise on this? Thanks!

Sounds like you’ve got a plugin installed and enabled for updating modified date?

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Bingo! Turned off “Update modified date” plugin and the zombie is dead.

gino_m, you’ve got a role in any Army of Darkness remake… especially if your avatar is your real mugshot. Thanks!

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