Cannot generate embedded links for pasted images

I just upgraded into v 0.10.7 on Mac. When I paste an image into the Obsidian, it does not create a “Pasted Image” file and then shows the embedded format (i.e. ![[]]), but instead the regular Markdown format.

I have already turned on the use Wikilinks in the setting, and it does not work

paste from your hard drive or from the browser?

Have the same problem. I copy the image from the browser and instead of having it downloaded I get just url to the image, which is not what I intended. So I have to switch to the command line, go to the vault and wget/curl the file and then embed it as local file. So far it’s one of the major usability problems for me to adopt Obsidian as my primary note taking App

You have to switch to the command line? can’t you just save the image from the browser and then attach it to obsidian?

I guess I can, but then I need to specify in each “Save Image As” where to save. Instead I can just keep the terminal at the right place and wget what I need there. Basically less clicking.
One way or the other, the point is that when I select “Copy Image” and I paste in any application I expect it to get the image, not the url. Otherwise I would select “Copy Image Address”

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