Can you update two fields from DataviewJs

I have a table that query for certain files. I am supposed to increment multiple YAML with a button through the table. I know how to do one, through Click Override.


const {update} =["metaedit"].api
const {createButton} = app.plugins.plugins["buttons"]

dv.table(["Language", "Progress"], dv.pages()
    .where(t => t.scope == "train")
    .where(t => t.type == "chest")
    .map(t => [, t.E1, t.S1,
    createButton({app, el: this.container, args: {name: "+", color: "green"}, clickOverride: {click: update, params: ['S1', (t.S1 + 1), t.file.path]}})])

I was wondering, if I could update two or more YAML from the same button. I have a work around that I can code in, but this would make it far simpler & easier to manage. Thank you!

update is just a function defined elsewhere, so you could just define your own function and update however many fields you’d like to update.

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