Can you customize ANYTHING you want in Obsidian?

I’ve been using Obsidian for more than a couple years now, and this whole time I’ve piggybacked off of others for custom CSS snippets, plugins, themes, etc. but eventually it dawned on me that I could be making my own plugins and what not to fulfill what I need/want out of Obsidian. So now I’m curious, and a little hesitant to start making plugins because of this question: Can we customize every little detail about the app to our heart’s desire, in a similar way as something like Linux? Or are there limitations? If so, then what are the limitations? Because I don’t want to go through the turmoil of maintaining things that I have limited options with, or not being able to make something that I truly want to make.

If there’s something you can’t do with a plugin or some plain JavaScript, I haven’t encountered it yet :person_shrugging:

8 plugins created and counting. Strongly recommend it as a way to customise your experience.