Can you create a vault from a text automatically?

This is the first time I’m posting here, and I’m unsure if this is the right category to post this in, so please feel free to move it to the correct section.

It’s an abstract question, and more of a crazy idea.

Is it possible to create a vault of notes (a Zettelkasten, to be precise), from an open ended / stream of consciousness text? The idea is basically to input a text, and let an automatic process create notes for different ideas and link them also automatically.

Think about it, it’d be possible to input all books from a single author, and from those, build their brain in a readable form. AI kinda does this already, but the big problem with it is that no one has a clue of how it works, building a Zettelkasten out of free-form text could make it readable, and opens so many incredibly interesting possibilities to explore.

Is there anything like that already? Any research on the topic? Technically speaking, it doesn’t sound too complicated to implement.

Thank you!

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