Can we use HTML in QuickAdd suggester?

Is there a change that I can use HTML tags in the QuickAdd suggester?
I would like to render a list similar to the Library suggestor from the Citations plugin (i.e. including the citekey and the author). Using the respective classes, then one could create the elements for the suggester like this:

        return `
		<div class="zoteroResult">
		<span class="zoteroTitle">`+item.title+`</span>
		<span class="zoteroCitekey">`+entry+`</span>
		<span class="zoteroAuthors">`+item.authorString+`</span></div>

Is this somehow possible? Currently, these HTML tags are rendered as strings.
Alternatively, can we use or call the Citations suggester itself and get the return to use it in a QuickAdd script?
Thanks a lot in advance!

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