Can We Add the Ability to *Include* Certain Folders for Syncing instead of only *Excluding*

Use case or problem

The current sync logic only allows you to exclude folders from sync. In my case I only want to sync a few folders, but instead of selecting those I have to exclude all the ones I don’t want to sync. And then inevitably I create additional folders or temporary folders that end up synced to mobile devices because I forgot to go back and change the list of excluded folders. This would be very simple if there were an option to only include certain folders instead of only exclude certain folders.

Proposed solution

When setting up sync specify whether the list of selected folders should be included or excluded in sync. If set to included then only those folders are synced. Otherwise the current behavior would be the default.

Current workaround (optional)

You have to always remember when creating a folder to change the sync configuration if you don’t want it synced.

Related feature requests (optional)


+1 on this

++1 on this

I have an older phone and would like to sync just a note taking folder. As described, new folders sync when created and cause issues.