Can the Devs speak at all to what programming/business principles have made them successful?

This is not a thread asking for a detailed breakdown of how the app works.

I’m a developer of 5 years who has been dipping their toes in a lot of niche programming language communities. While these languages have merit, I find there’s a lot of snobbery towards mainstream languages like Javascript and Python from lispers/haskellers/prologers, and very few people in those communities saying “Use the tools that make the most sense.”

It often makes me think of Obsidian, which always seemed like a successful app with a lot of momentum for a team of 2 people. From what I understand, this app is made with Vanilla JS (no react) and Electron. Javascript being a language that is hated for its syntax, and Electron being labeled as slow.

I’m curious if the Devs can speak to their experience developing the app. Why Vanilla Js? Have you been using Typescript to minimize the javascript-ness? Has working with Electron been hard? What do you think has set you apart from the competition in terms of rate of development?

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