Can’t update Obsidian anymore

Hope someone or the moderators can help me with this:

For a while, I’m not more able to update Obsidian. I stick with v0.12.16 and if I click on “Check for updates” in the About Section of the Settings the result still is: “Your app is up-to-date!” What is more, I’m a Catalyst Insider, so I paid to get the last releases as sooner as possible (and, of course, to support the amazing bunch of Obsidian developers!).

Have you tried searching the forum for an answer?

It seems this one had the same issue: Obsidian doesn't update after vs 0.12.16 - #4 by Dor.
I‘ll try to install Obsidian again and see if I can solve it the same way.

Update: Yeah, this was the solution.

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