Can someone help me, i have a problem with my dataview leader board e to classify my books

I am using a leader board dataview but is not working

what I want to do is that my leader board working, because for the moment the leader board this create but does not fit any give in. here is the code I use for my board:

Author table as Author, ("![|150](" + cover + ")") as Cover, pages, genre, rating
From "¹ 📚 Book"
Where contains(Status, "to read")

I have already checked the name of the folder the spaces between the words the status but it didn’t work.

What error do you get with this:

"Author table" as Author, 
("![|150](" + cover + ")") as Cover,
FROM "¹ 📚 Book"
WHERE contains(Status, "to read")

Locally, the query parses but returns no records as it has no data to harvest. Does it work for you or do you get a specific error message?

Can you give a YAML sample?

What is the first character in the FROM folder name?

yes, I have like on the last photo you sent

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the first character is “¹”

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